Professional tree surgery operations

All tree surgery work we carry out complies with industry best practice and the British Standard BS3998 Tree work – Recommendations (unless there is a valid arboricultural reason otherwise). Our team of arborists is fully qualified to NPTC standard and is experienced in carrying out a wide range of tree surgery operations including:

Tree removal

If a tree is dangerous, diseased, dead or dying, we can remove it either by felling it at ground level if there is enough space for the tree to fall in its entirety or by dismantling it in sections, a process known as sectional dismantling whereby branches are carefully and accurately lowered to the ground on ropes to be cut up into smaller pieces before being removed from site.

Crown reduction

As the name suggests, crown reduction results in a tree with a more consolidated crown, which is achieved by cutting back selected side branches. It is used to reduce the overall size of a tree’s crown; lessen the end-weight of dangerous limbs to reduce the likelihood of failure; balance misshapen trees; reduce the conflict between trees and property and prevent branches interfering with power and telephone lines.

Crown raising

Crown raising involves removing the lower branches of a tree to provide greater clearance between the ground and the spring of the crown of the tree. It is used to improve views and light into a garden or home; prevent branches obstructing traffic on the public highway or pedestrians on a footpath and to prevent damage to buildings by tree branches.

Crown thinning

Usually carried out on deciduous trees, crown thinning is the selective removal of small internal secondary branches while retaining the tree’s natural shape with the aim of increasing light penetration, reducing the weight of the crown and allowing more air movement through the tree to reduce the likelihood of storm damage.

Deadwood removal

Deadwood is valuable wildlife habitat but sometimes it can be an unacceptable hazard where there is a risk of it falling from the tree onto roads, footpaths and public places and causing injury to people or damaging buildings. During a deadwooding operation, we will climb throughout the entire canopy of the tree carefully removing the dangerous dead branches.

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