Hedge cutting

At Stockley Park Tree Services, we offer domestic and agricultural hedge cutting services, trimming the side faces and top of the hedge with either a hand-held hedgecutter or agricultural flail as required.

For overgrown hedges, we can undertake hedge reduction, reducing either the height of the hedge, the width or both, or hedge renovation, removing unwanted species and supplementary planting in gaps.


Hedgelaying involves partially cutting through the stems of the hedgerow trees, laying them down and weaving them together to produce a thick and bushy hedgerow providing valuable wildlife habitat and a stockproof barrier (although it is advisable to back-fence the hedge).

Hedgelaying is the only hedgerow maintenance method currently available that promotes regrowth from ground level and will ensure the health and longevity of the hedgerow. Once the hedge has been layed, regular trimming will keep it in order for up to 50 years when it may be appropriate to lay it again.

If you are a landowner with a hedge to be laid, you may be eligible for a grant through the Countryside Stewardship Scheme.

We are a member of National Hedgelaying Society and carry out the Derbyshire style of hedgelaying.

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